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5 Benefits of Ductless AC Systems

Are you shopping for a new air conditioner in Grants Pass, OR? It doesn’t matter if you want to cool a studio apartment or a large property. Ductless AC systems are energy-saving HVAC solutions worth serious consideration. Read on to learn the five benefits of installing a ductless air conditioning system in your living space.

Install Easily

A single-zone ductless air conditioner contains one indoor air handler and one outdoor compressor. The indoor air handler mounts on an interior wall, connecting to the outdoor compressor via a small conduit. Single-zone ductless AC systems install easily in studio apartments, mother-in-law suites, garage conversions and home additions.

Provide Direct Cooling

Ductless AC systems don’t require ducts to deliver conditioned air into your living spaces. As a result, you won’t worry about losing energy to leaky or damaged ductwork. Direct cooling also enhances comfort in your living space.

Contain a Washable Filter

HVAC professionals recommend changing a central air conditioner’s filter every 30-90 days, which adds up to 4-12 changes annually. That’s a lot of money. Ductless AC systems contain washable filters that you don’t need to replace.

Offer Zoning Capabilities

A multi-zone ductless air conditioner contains several indoor air handlers. Each has a thermostat and remote control and cools a specific area in your house. With HVAC zoning, you’ll stop cooling empty living spaces to cool the area where you’re resting. You’ll also allow everyone in your household to enjoy their preferred comfort setting.

Save Energy and Money

At the end of the day, you want to save energy and money without compromising your home comfort. Ductless AC systems help you do that without wasting energy via leaky ducts or cooling empty areas in your house.

Contact Kennedy Fuel Co. to schedule a ductless AC installation consultation in Grants Pass, OR. We’ll gladly cover our options and recommend the best ductless air conditioning setup for your unique needs.

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