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Schedule a Heating Repair to Avoid Costly Consequences

Protecting your heating system from wear and tear is critical to preserving your whole-home comfort during the winter. It doesn’t matter if you use a heat pump or furnace to warm your house in Eagle Point, OR. You must schedule a heating repair as soon as you suspect trouble to avoid costly consequences later. Here are a few alarming signs:

Pilot Light Problems

If you have a gas furnace, you must pay special attention to its pilot light. That’s because the pilot light indicates whether the furnace is operating efficiently and safely. The pilot light in your gas furnace should burn blue. If you notice it burning yellow or orange, turn the furnace off, exit your property and schedule a heating repair immediately. There’s a risk that carbon monoxide is leaking into your house and could harm your family. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

Higher Heating Bills

It’s no secret that energy prices have risen substantially over the past few years. But if you’ve noticed a significant spike recently, it could be that your heating system isn’t functioning at peak efficiency and requires repairs.

Hot and Cold Spots

Do some areas of your home feel hotter or colder than others? When your heating system is operating effectively, it’ll warm all areas of your house evenly. Hot and cold spots indicate an underlying problem that needs addressing.

Strange Sounds and Smells

Banging and burning are the two most alarming sounds and smells that should prompt you to schedule a heating repair immediately. While banging can lead to a complete breakdown, burning can create a fire hazard in your house. Don’t risk your family’s safety hoping the issue will disappear. Seek professional help to repair your heater.

Is your heat pump or furnace operating ineffectively and inefficiently? Your family’s comfort, health and safety are our priorities. Contact Kennedy Fuel Co. today to schedule a heating repair in Eagle Point, OR, or the surrounding areas.

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