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4 Signs Your Furnace Is in Need of Repair in Grants Pass, OR

No matter how well you maintain the furnace in your Grants Pass, OR, home, it’ll develop issues at some point because of age or wear and tear. Fortunately, a compromised system will always give signals to indicate it isn’t functioning properly. Here are four signs your furnace is in need of repair:

High Energy Bills

When your monthly energy bill increases without any change to your furnace usage, it points to an issue. Experts will identify the exact cause of inefficiency in your furnace and repair it to lower your energy consumption and bills.

Weird Furnace Smells

Abnormal smells emanating from your furnace are another indicator to contact professionals for repairs or maintenance services. The bad smell can be due to overheating components, microbial buildup, poor combustion and more.

Strange Furnace Sounds

It’s time to book furnace repair services if your system produces strange noises other than the typical dull hum. Bumping noises often indicate broken or loose components, while whistling sounds usually result from clogged air filters. Grinding, buzzing and thumping are other alarming noises a damaged furnace can make.

Uneven Interior Heating

Another common sign to schedule furnace repair services is if you experience uneven heating in your rooms. Your furnace can fail to heat your interior if it doesn’t meet the requirements of your home and is straining to produce enough heat. Other causes include leaky ducts and closed vents and registers.

Talk to Furnace Repair Experts

Our reputable and reliable company has a team of qualified service technicians dedicated to delivering quick and superior heating repair services, and service calls are backed by a 30-day warranty on any labor. Kennedy Fuel Co. is the company to turn to for all your furnace repair needs and other heating services in your Grants Pass, OR, home.

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